Aaah Arizona!

It’s a bit like coming home. Arizona offers a winter experience that has been more than worth the long drive from Maine. Moderate temperatures during the day, cool evenings, dry air, blue skies with little white puffy clouds, and blooming desert flowers. We have loved the vast open spaces and the dusty trails that reach far into BLM lands, giving the dogs places to run free. But what I think I love most is resting my eyes on the horizon at midday and in the evening as the sun colors the sky and clouds in oranges, reds and pinks. It all just takes one’s breath away.

Tucson offered all the aforementioned, but also, a reunion with very dear friends. Enjoying a walk in Catalina State Park was an opportunity to enjoy flowers, cactuses of various kinds and the company of Lisa and Tom. It was easy and comfortable, the way special connections are that never alter over the course of time. What a blessing. 

We spent a few days camped out, once again, in the middle of nowhere. As is typical of our arrival in a new RV park, we wondered how we would be comfortable there, noticing things that were different from what we have experienced before, and, as is typical, we settled in promptly and wished we could have spent a few more days. There wasn’t much to do out in Congress, but what we loved was being surrounded by BLM lands where we enjoyed long walks with the dogs, a Burning Man type bonfire with campsite neighbors, and quiet time to catch up on cleaning. Yea, cleaning is a big thing when surrounded by dirt spaces and accompanied by 2 dogs.

As we crept north towards Sedona we once again settled into another camp ground. And yes, we wondered how we would like our new temporary home. The space to park is pretty tight and there is no place for even camp chairs. But….the facilities are wonderful and since it’s been raining on and off, there is no sitting outside anyway. Sedona is incredible, even with on and off drizzle! We drove a lot and took some walks with the dogs, and of course, I was all happy-snappy taking tons of photos. There were a ton of stores to browse through and we were pumped to find a great restaurant with lots of covered outdoor seating (with heaters) and a dog menu. A certain 2 canines enjoyed it thoroughly, as did their human companions. And then there was the most incredible, scenic drive up to Flagstaff. 

For so many reasons…I could live here. If I had to choose only 2 reasons they would be; wide open spaces (a reminder of the true Self), and adobe-style houses (my favorite). Maybe just one more reason….any kind of southwestern art or jewelry. Aaaah, Arizona!

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