• Moodiness

    Oh dark and moody clouds,Hanging heavy in a burdened sky,Winds darting across the sand,Pushing hair across my face. What splendor in the dark and lightof these floating wonders,How they turn my face skywardas my awe is stirred from sleep. The blanket of clouds is whipped awayOh my! What a clear blue!And over my shoulder I see rain fallon the horizon. A cyclist on his broad-tired bike, A small pack of excited dogs,Gulls soaring and playing in the updrafts,and people…faces alive with wonder.

  • On suffering and forgiveness

    Today I read a quote by one of my favorite non-dualistic teachers, Rupert Spira: “Have the courage and the clarity to see that God neither cares nor even knows about suffering. Suffering is resistance, and God – eternal, infinite Awareness – like empty space, knows no resistance, and therefore cannot know suffering.” It really made me stop for a moment to contemplate suffering, and it immediately took me back to the moment in time that I saw that God does not know forgiveness. Before you jump to the conclusion that I think God/Universal Energy/The Is-ness is something of harshness and cruelty, let me share my experience around forgiveness. It occurred in a dream. I…

  • So much to say about so little

    After years of reading many books by wonderful teachers and authors (Chopra, Tolle, Dyer, Gangaji, Hawkins, Katie, Rumi…to name a few), participating in personal development programs, meditating, chanting, personal introspection, listening to talks and seminars, trying all sorts of different healing modalities, I have come to realize something….so much is said about so little. What is it we seek so desperately and with such demand that it is met by a continuous and growing body of information in such a wide variety of forms?  What comes to mind is inner-peace, love, well-being….personal fulfillment, a state of bliss. And yet it’s not what we learn that grants us inner peace, it’s…