What’s this about?

Welcome! My name is Jenny and I’ve been pretty active online over the years. I have a long established website Lymethriving.com that is a resource for the Lyme disease community. It almost exclusively deals with the emotional component of chronic illness, has a load of audio recordings, contains many blog postings, links to resources, and a page on my book, Chronic Illness as an Access to Quantum Healing (available on Amazon).

So, why this blog spot? Why have I stopped making presentations? Why
aren’t I at least half way through writing another book? Why aren’t I leading teleconferences? Why aren’t I organizing group events? Well…because right now, I have nothing to say. And yet….there is so much to share.

And because I have nothing to say, I thought that perhaps I would just put it here, you know, whatever it is that I have nothing to say about.

I included 4 blog postings from the Lymethriving blog, because they seem relevant to this blog. They are the first 4 postings. My first new blog posting is “The way the light dances.”

I hope that the random bits and pieces that surface through me will be enjoyed in a harmonious and pleasing way in you. Most recently Dennis and I have begun our new adventure of RV’ing. I’ll be sharing various thoughts as we go along.

Here goes nothing.