Turkey Vulture

Popped something in the oven, turned around and saw a large bird land in tree on our property.

You’ve spotted me

Turkey Vulture: I see you have spotted me, and I see you ran outside without shoes. I’m not so easy to photograph behind these branches…would you like me to fly to a better spot?
Me: Why yes…yes I would, thank you.

Better spot

Turkey Vulture: Would you like me to spread my wings and make you gasp.
Me: Why yes, yes I would…gasp…click, click, click.

Rear wingspread

Turkey Vulture: Would you like me to turn around so you can see the front of me too, with my wings spread.
Me: Why yes, yes thank you I would…(screaming in my head)

Front wingspread

Turkey Vulture: Ummm…I think I smell something burning in your oven.

#ThrillsOfBirding #SoGratefulForTheseMoments

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